Pump Accesories

Foot Switch

Foot Switch

• Start, stop, or send a signal to a pumping program.
• 20 foot cable.
• Quick and easy setup.
• Utilizes the TTL logic port on the pump.
• Attach to any pump in the NE-1000
  or NE-9000 Series for remote operation.

Part number: ADPT-FOOTSW-2

Ana-Box™ Closed Loop
Analog Sensor Interface

Interface your pressure sensors, PLCs, sensors, joy sticks, etc.
with the Ana-Box™ Analog Sensor Interface to your pump.

• Vary the pumping rate in proportion
  to a variable voltage input.
• Start or stop the pump at set voltages.
• Vary the pumping rate to maintain a voltage.
  window ie. - maintain a pressure or pH level
• Attaches to any pump in the NE-1000 Series.
• Operates stand alone. Does not need a computer to operate.
• Optionally outputs event data to a computer for data logging.

Part number: ADPT-ANABOX-11

Ana-Box ™

Dual Pump Plumbing Kit

• Provides a dual check valve for two syringes,
  withdraw will pull fluid from a reservoir and infusion will output
  into a separate lineThe kit is pre-assembled, all you need to do
  is plug in the syringes.
• Each dual check valve uses 6" of 1/8" tubing to connect to
  a Y connector, one for reservoir and one for output;
  each Y- connector has 5' of tubing to make connections
  to your application. Two 50 mL Norm-Ject® Luer Lock Inert
  syringes are included.

Part number: P-DKIT

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