NE-500 Family
OEM Syringe Pumps

OEM-500 OEM Pump


• Does not come with a power supply, see OEM Starter Kit and OEM Net
• Must be controlled by a computer: networkable up to 100 pumps
• Stand-alone operation: pre-program the pump with a dispensing
  program, then operate the pump from an attached Foot Switch,
  button, or I/O controller
• Includes all the advanced programming features of the NE-1000 Series,
  but must be programmed from a computer, upload the program to the
  pump and operate from a Foot Switch, button, or I/O controller

Models available:

• NE-500: one syringe, no stall detection   $495 US
• NE-501: one syringe with stall detection   $550 US
• NE-4500: two syringes, no stall detection   $625 US
• NE-4501: two syringes w stall detection   $680 US

NE-4500 OEM Double pump

OEM Pump Accessories:

• OEM Starter Kit        Price $25 US
Includes: power supply, Pump-to-PC network cable (CBL-PC-PUMP-7), user manual

• OEM-NET         Price $15 US
Power supply and secondary cable only. For use when networking two or more OEM syringe pumps to a single computer serial port. Must use the secondary cable to complete this application.

• ADPT-FOOTSW-2 (Foot Switch)         Price: $25 US
Start, stop, or trigger the next phase on your syringe pump.
Attach to any pump (except NE-300) for stand-alone operation.

Sample Flow Rate: NE-500, NE-501

Open chassis design

Part numbers: NE-500