NE-300 Infusion Only Pump


Just the features that you want,
and none that you don't want to pay for.


• Holds 1 Syringe from micro-liter sizes up to 60 mL
  (140 mL partially filled).
• Infusion rates from 0.73 µL/hr (1 mL syringe) to 1500 mL/hr
  (60 mL syringe).
• Easy-to-use keypad interface.
• Set the syringe diameter, pumping rate, press Start.
• Pumps continuously until you stop the pump.
• Syringe purge mode.
• Power failure mode allows pump to continue pumping after a reset.
• Displays total volume dispensed in mL or µL units.
• Infusion rate can be changed while pumping.
• Selectable infusion rates units: mL/hr, µL/hr, mL/min, µL/min.
• Space Saving Chassis: Foot print size of only 5 3/4" x 8 3/4".
• Won't take up unnecessary space on your laboratory
  or production bench.
• Remembers previous settings on power up.
• Precise reproducible flow rates.
• Operates from included 12VDC power supply.
• Does not withdraw, no volume target, no computer interface
  or programmability.

Flow Rate


Part number: NE-300

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