Linear/Gradient Firmware Upgrade and Advanced Continuous Infusion Mode


• Allow smooth linear increasing or decreasing gradient pumping.
• Set the start pumping rate, end pumping rate and the time,
  the pump will gradually increase the pumping rate.
• Pre-program multiple gradients plus any other NE-1000
  programming feature.

Eliminates Flow Rate Pauses & Drop-Offs

TheLinear/ Gradient Continuous Pump System eliminates the problem of flow rate drop-offs and pauses found in Push- Pull syringe pump systems. With Push-Pull systems, one syringe infuses, while the other refills, then they switch direc- tions. This switch of directions causes a delay in flow while the syringes are primed.

The DUAL-X Continuous Pump System solves the inconsistent flow rate problems of push-pull pumps.

How it works:

The refilling syringe pump fills the syringe at a faster rate than the infusing syringe pump infuses, giving it time to prime the syringe after the syringe is filled, or even overlap the infusion to create a seamless transition between syringes.

The smoothness of the transition between syringes can be fine tuned by adjusting the infusion rate, refill rate, priming rate, prime volume and overlap volume parameters.

Dual Pump Applications of Gradient Feature:

Require any combination of 2 syringe pumps with X firmware upgrades and dual pump communications cable Model # CBL-DUAL-3.

Inverse Linear Constant Flow Rate Mode: r1 + r2 = R constant

Maintain a constant flow rate while linearly increasing or decreasing
the flow rate of Pump 1, while Pump 2 pumps inversely, linearly decreasing or increasing. The two syringes combine to a constant flow rate.

Examples of Dual Pump Applications with firmware upgrade:
requires X upgrade and CBL-DUAL-3

Continuous Infusion:

Minimize flow rate pauses and drop offs in "Push-Pull" style infusion systems.
The refilling syringe fills at a faster rate then the infusing syringe, giving it time to prime the syringe and/or overlap the infusion.
This creates a near seamless transition between syringes.

Simple Continuous Infusion:

Simultaneous Infusion/Withdrawal. Basic "Push-Pull" style infusion systems.
When the master pump changes direc- tion, the other pump also changes direction.
Add a dual pump plumbing kit to create a continuous pumping system.

Dual Pumps:

Second pump duplicates the first pump's operation.
The second pump copies the operation of the first pump: Start, Stop, Change speed, Change direction.

Alternating Pump Mode:

Automatically alternates the infusion of 2 pumps. Continuous infusion using pre-loaded syringes.
The infusing pump will automatically start the alternate pump when the Pumping Program stops.
A Pause Function at the beginning of the alternate pump’s program will delay the start of pumping.
The empty syringe can then be manually replaced during the infusion of the alternate pump.