Human Temperature

Core temperature capsule and dermal patches to use with Vital Sense monitors or Equivital System.


• Clinical Trials
• Sports Medicine
• Heath and Cold Stress
• Worker Safety
• Hazardous Occupations

Jonah Temperature Capsule


Ingestible core body temperature capsule transmits wirelessly to monitor every 15 seconds. The capsule, the size of a large gel capsule, is swallowed with liquid, travels and passes through the GI tact within 12 to 24 hours without affecting other bodily functions.

Capsule Specifications

Parameter Value
Size: 8.7 mm diameter x 23 mm length
Weight: 1.6 g
Capsule Material: Medical grade plastic
Temperature Sensing Range: 25 to 50°C
Reception Range: Within one meter
Battery Life: 1 year storage plus 10 days active

Dermal Temperature Patch


The hypoallergenicadhesive, waterproof dermal patch can be placed at many different locations on the body to record skin temperature. Up to 10 patches may be monitored for up to 10 days.

Dermal Temperature Specifications

Parameter Value
Size: 57.2 mm diameter x 5.3 mm thickness
Weight: 7.5 g
Temperature Sensing Range: - 20 to 60°C
&Reception Range: Within 2 meters
Battery Life: 1 year Storage plus 10 days active
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