Human Ecg Eeg Emg

Human Ecg Eeg Emg

Actiwave: a range of ultra miniature waveform recorders for recording ECG, EEG & EMG

The Actiwave range of biomedical wavermfo recorders are designed to capture ECG/ EEG or EMG signals in daily living. Using ultra miniature recorders which are available with either 1, 2 or 4 channels of recording capability EEG,ECG, EMG waveforms can be recorded discreetly without the need for a large belt mounted recorder or lengthy wires. Each recorder can simply be taped or glued to the skin near to the position of the electrodes. The small size of the units makes them ideal for pediatric and pre-clinical use. Extract heart rate, identify ECG complexes, find arrhythmia, do heart rate variability, extract EEG alpha, beta, gamma, delta activity, detect EMG activation and integrate EMG signals with Acqknowledge 4.0 data analysis software.


• ECG 24 Hour Holter Recordings, 5 lead and 3 lead ECG
• Paediatric ECG, EEG, EMG
• Adult ECG, EEG, EMG
• Free Living Recordings of Bio-potentials
• Epidemiology
• Ideal for veterinary applications.


There are standard placements for a 3 and 5 lead ECG. A three lead ECG can be done using the 2 channel version and a 5 lead ECG using the 4 channel.

The Actiwave ECG units do not need a ground reference. In all these configurations the LL lead (red) should be connected to the common. For multi-lead recordings, the other channels can be derived in software by subtracting relevant channels.
If the two channels were measured as RA-LL (Lead II) and LA-LL (Lead III), Lead I will be calculated as Lead II - Lead III.

A six lead ECG can be recorded using the 2 channel version by calculating in software aV leads from Lead I, Lead II and Lead III:
aVR = -0.5 (Lead I + Lead II)
aVL = -0.5 (Lead I -Lead III)
aVF = -0.5 ( Lead II + Lead III)

Important note: Actiwave units are not waterproof

Actiwave Reader and Charger

Actiwave Combi Charger

Power and communication to the reader/ charger are provided by the USB port of a PC computer.

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