Human Activity

Recording of human activity can be achieved by various methods.

To monitor energy expenditure over long periods, Actical is the preferred tool as it will record daily activity using a compact tri axial accelerometer and built-in pedometer worn on the hip, wrist or ankle. Using a proprietary algorithm, energy expenditure is calculated and reported every minute, hour, day, week. Data is recorded at epochs from 1 to 60 seconds. Alternatively use your own algorithm with the raw acccelerometer data to derive energy expenditure.

Actiheart will calculate energy expenditure based on accelerometry data complemented with heart rate recordings.

Actiwave Motion is a compact data logger that will record 3 axis of accelerometry for up to 7 days.

Finally for those who want to derive their own algorithm or have access to specialize analysis software, Actiwave Cardio will collected ECG and accelerometry data or Actiwave motion records activity in a compact module