Actical Activity for Animals

Respironics Actical

Actical activity monitor provide an easy way to obtain, analyze and graph long-term data on the activity patterns of your multiply-housed or free-ranging research animals.
Changes in activity can be a useful indicator of an animal's response to food, drugs, pain, health or well-being or other conditions. It's also useful to study activity patterns relative to observed behavior and correlate the two. Future activity analysis can indicate with confidence what activities were taking place for a particular time and duration.
Changes in sleep patterns can also provide great insight into an animal's response to various inputs or mental health. Changes in nutrition, exercise, pain and state of mind all can affect sleep quality.

The Easy Way to Measure Activity and Circadian Rhythms in any research animal: primates, dogs, cats, sheep, pigs, cattle, etc...



Collected data can be evaluated minute by minute or per activity bout, day or week, or for the total study period. Multiday Actograms, Actogram Zoom, and statistical presentation of Activity Count data. ASCII format data files can be opened directly in spread-sheet, database, and other analysis programs. Analyze multiple data sets with batch processing option.

imageAnimal Case mounted on a soft collar
imageBeagle with soft collar
imagePrimate collars

The following site offer free circadian analysis software:

Actical Activity Monitoring for Animals Specifications

Parameter Value
Accelerometer Type: Multidirectional, piezoelectric accelerometer withdigital integration
Sensitivity Range: 0.05 to 2 G
Bandwidth: 0.35 to 3.5 Hz
Sampling Rate: 32 Hz
Size and Weight: 28 x 27 x 10 mm / 17 g
Moisture Protection: Water tight – 1 meter for 30 minutes
Frame & Back Cover Titanium
Battery Type and life: User replaceable CR2025 lithium coin cell, 194 day lifeexcept in raw mode

Recording Time

  Samples per day Recording TimeActivity (days) Recording TimeActivity + steps (days)
1 sec 86.400 266 194
2 sec 43.200 266 219
5 sec 17.280 266 215
15 sec 8.640 266 215
30 sec 2.880 293 237
60 sec 1440 301 242
Raw 2.764.800 N/A 12

Actical armoured case for Primate Product collar models:
1HCM10, 1HCM20, 1HCM30, 1HCB20, HCB10

Dimensions 29 x 37 x 11 mm
Weight 16 grams
Frame and battery cover Titanium
Case material Polyurethane/polyester alloy
Battery CR2025 user replaceable
Memory capacity 32 Mb
Maximum Recording time 266 days at 1 to 15 second epochs
293 days at 30 second epoch
301 days at 60 second epoch
Epoch size 1, 2, 5, 15, 30, 60 sec
Bandwidth 0.035 to 3.5 Hz
Acceleration range 0.05 to 2 G

Ordering Information:

Description P.N.
Actical for animals 198-0210-03
Actireader 198-0150-00
Software 920-0011-01
USB adapter 040-0004-00
Animal Case with Soft Collar 198-0033-00
Primate Collar Small 198-0032-00
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