Animal Actiwave Cardio

Actiwave Cardio

The Actiwave Cardio is a waterproof single channel ECG waveform recorder. It consists of two electrodes connected by a short lead which simply clip onto two standard ECG pads worn on the chest. It also contains a tri-axial accelerometer, the signal from which can be used to determine the subject’s resting body position. Heart rate would be calculated from the raw ECG using Acqknowledge data analysis software or any other software capable of reading EDF+ file format.
The best ECG signals can usually be picked up by placing the round end of the Actiwave Cardio unit in a position midway between and below V1 and V2.

Actiwave Specifications:

ECG Signal Range 8 mV peak to peak
Acceleration Range +/- 4g
Resolution (software selectable) 8,9 or 10 bits
Sampling Rate (software selectable) 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 or 1024 samples/second
Impedance 10 MegOhms
Frequency Response ECG: 0.3-50 Hz. - Acceleration: 0-10 hz
Dimensions and weight 32 mm diam x 10 mm, excluding electrode lead 10.3 grams

Actiwave Cardio maximun/theoretical recording time by sampling rate and resolution (1 channel of ECG and three channels of acceleration).

Sampling Rate (samples/second)

Resolution 32 64 128 256 512 1024
8 bits 220 hrs 109 hrs 54 hrs 27 hrs 13.65 hrs 6.8 hrs
9 bits 194 hrs 97 hrs 48 hrs 24 hrs 12 hrs 6 hrs
10 bits 174 hrs 87 hrs 43 hrs 21.83 hrs 10.9 hrs 5.45 hrs

Actiwave Reader and Charger

Actiwave Combi Charger

Power and communication to the reader/ charger are provided by the USB port of a PC computer.

Ordering Information:

Description P.N.
Actiware Cardio 08-603
CombiDock: 4 Actiwave channel plus 1 channel Cardio Reader/Charger 08-727
CardioDock: 3 Channel Cardio reader/charger plus software and cable 08-733
Acqknowledge 4.0 analysis software 08-661
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