Actiwave software
and charging docks

Actiwave software and charging docks

The Actiwave range requires two types of software in order to both setup and analyse the data. All Actiwave docks are sup- plied with CamNtech Actiwave Setup Software and the user then has to choose which software package they wish to analyse the data in.

• Used to configure, setup and download the Actiwave.
• Also used to control the Actiwave charging function.
• Files are downloaded in EDF+ or CSV for viewing
  in a range of analysis software packages.

Actiwave Reader and Charger:

There are two models available:

Multi Dock

Designed to read and charge multiple Actiwave 1, 2 & 4 channel units (excluding the Cardio). Can handle up to 6 Actiwave units of any size.

Combi Dock

Designed to charge all Actiwave units including the Actiwave Cardio, a single-channel ECG waveform recording device with integrated accelerometer. Can handle up to 4 Actiwave units of any size plus 1 Cardio.

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