Actiware software


Actiware software features

  • Compatible with Actiwatch 64, Score, L, Actiwatch 2,
    Actiwatch Spectrum, Spectrum Plus and Spectum Pro.
  • Automated clinical reports generated in Word format includes actogram, daily and summary sleep statistics, area for clinician interpretation and comment, see report example.
  • Summary and epoch by epoch reports exportable
    to Excel for research applications.
  • Permanent software licence
  • Free software update from Help > Check for Updates...


Actiware software is a flexible and powerful software package that allows users to easily configure and retrieve recorded data from all Actiwatch models in addition to data management, analysis and export.

Actiware displays activity, illuminance, and event marks in an easy-to-read Actogram format allowing longterm sleep/wake patterns to be easily identified. Actiware also can quantify important sleep statistics such as sleep time, sleep efficiency, and wake after sleep onset based upon user defined or automatically determined rest intervals. Actiware is equipped with user-friendly features that automatically display off-wrist times, irradiance information for three color bands of light, and automatic detection of major and minor rest intervals. These features are designed to make analysis of activity data for sleep easier than ever.

Auto-Rest interval detection

One of Actiware's newest features that makes implementing actigraphy easier than ever is its auto-rest algorithm. By customizing your major and minor rest interval detection settings, Actiware can detect major and minor rest intervals for you.

Off wrist detection

Actiwatch Spectrum contains an off-wrist detection sensor. The sensor detects and logs off-wrist events in its non-volatile memory. When activity data is downloaded from the Actiwatch Spectrum, Actiware will display the off-wrist events in a column of dark blue.

New Light Information and Statistics

Multiple colored light sensing is now available with Actiwatch Spectrum which is capable of recording red, green, and blue light. The four channels of light data are displayed individually on an actogram in Actiware. White light and weighted white light recordings can be viewed as well.

View up to seven channels of data at once

Actiware allows you to view more channels of recorded data at once than previous versions of Actiware. Channels of data available are activity, event-marking, off-wrist, white light, red light, green light, and blue light.

Communications Console

Actiware features an all-in one communication window that allows you to set up and query multiple devices for their status, as well as set data collection start and end times.

Multilingual support: English, German, French, Italian

Actiware software:

Statistics available:
Activity: Total activity couunt, Average activity count per minute, Average activity count per epoch, Standard deviation of activity count for epochs duraint an interval, maximum activity count.

Sleep/Wake Statistics: Sleep Time, percentage sleep, number of sleep bouts, average sleep bout, onset latency, snooze time, sleep efficiency, wake after sleep onset, wake time, percentage wake, number of wake bouts, averaging wake bouts.

Mobility Statistics: immobile time, percentage immobile, number of immobile bouts, average immobile bouts, number of 1 minute immobile bouts, percentage of 1 minute immobile bouts, mobile time, percentage mobile time, number of mobile bouts, average moible bouts, fragmentation index.

Light Statistics: total exposure, average light, standard devitation, maximum light, TALT (total time above illuminance threshold).

Score Statistics (for Spetrum Pro and Actiwach Score: number, average and standard deviation of scores, number, avearage and standard deviation of manual score, number, avearage and standard deviation of scheduled scores, number of no responses, number of late scores, average and standard deviation of late scores.

Operating system requirements

Computer OS compatibility

All devices: Actiware: Windows 10,8, 7, XP and Vista (32 and 64 bit), Actiware CT: Windows XP Professional; 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 8 (Professional or Enterprise),
7 (Professional or Ultimate), and Vista (Business or Utimate)

Computer hardware

All devices: UL 60950-1, IEC60950-1 or CSA C22.2#60950-1 certified IT equipment, 2GHz or higher process clock speed, keyboard and mouse, USB port

USB compatibility

All devices: 2.0 or greater

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