• Records Inter beat interval and Activity for up to 4 days (440 000 beats).
• Records heart rate, activity and IBI Max- Min for up to 21 days.
• Choice of epochs: 15 sec, 30 sec, 1 min.
• Heart rate variabilty analysis: LF, HF, LF/HF, VLF, RMSSD, SDNN, SDANN
  and triangular index.
• Advanced energy expenditure analysis allows branched analysis,
  group calibration.
• individual calibration using integrated step test, basal metabolic rate,
  VO2 max.
• Compensation for gaps in data by padding, extrapolation or excluding
  invalid points.
• Compensation for heart rate increase due to stress.
• 2 year warranty.
• Clips onto two ECG electrodes worn on the chest.
• Can also be worn on a belt, similar to a Polar wearlink belt.


Heart Rate, Physical Activity & Caloric Expenditure Recording System Single-piece device that easily measures a subject's energy expenditure by integrating heart rate and activity data.
Actiheart is the only heart rate recorder with an integrated accelerometer. You can accurately and easily measure activity and heart rate as well as calculate energy expenditure for ambulatory activities such as bike riding, skate boarding, weight lifting, etc.
Active energy expenditure is often underestimated in these, and similar types of, activities with the use of an accelerometer alone.

How does the Actiheart work?

The Actiheart has two clips which attach directly to standard ECG electrodes. Usually one electrode is adhered at V1 or V2 (4th intercostal) and the second electrode is placed approximately 10cm away on the left side at V4 or V5, although this placement can be adjusted to be comfortable for the subject. The number of R-waves detected is recorded in 15, 30, or 60 second epochs. Simultaneously, an internal accelerometer senses the frequency and intensity of the subject's torso movements.

Actiheart used with chest band
Actiheart used with disposable electrodes

Actiheart software


The Actiheart software enables the user to setup, read data and charge the Actiheart.

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Measuring Activity Ependiture


The Actiheart is a compact, chest-worn device that records heart rate and physical activity in one combined.

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Energy Expenditure analysis


Data from the Actiheart is transferred via the reader/charger to the Actiheart software for analysis.

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Rate Variability Analysis


The Actiheart is ideally suited
for Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
and Inter-beat Interval (IBI) measurements in ambulatory settings.

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Ordering information


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Actiheart Recording Times

The Actiheart is ideal for use in both short and long term monitoring situations. The following table shows the maximum recording times available in different modes:

• InterBeat Intervals: 440 000 beats (about 3.5 days at 76 bpm).
• Heart rate and activity: 21 days.
• Heart rate, Activity and IBI Max-Min: 10 days at 15 second epochs, 20 days at 0.5 and 1 minute epochs.

Accelerometer specification:

• Range: >+/-2.5g.
• Resolution: 8 Bit (0.2m.sec-2 or 0.02g).
• Frequency range: 1Hz to 7Hz (3dB).
• Sampling rate: 32Hz.

ECG specification:

• Sensitivity: 250uV.
• Range: 30 BPM to 250 BPM.
• Sampling frequency: 128 Hz (~8ms).
• Input impedance: 10MOhms.
• R wave detection: dv/dt with variable threshold.
• HR algorithm: Average of the last 16 good IBIs recorded.
• IBI logging algorithm: Interpolation is used with a resolution of +/- 1 ms.

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