Physical Activity & Energy Expenditure Monitoring System for the Scientific Professional.
Monitoring Physical Activity and Energy Expenditure with Actical monitors provides accurate Objective Data for your research studies on physical activity and energy expenditure.
Digital Integration signal processing reports both the intensity and the range of motion, resulting in more accurate Activity Count data and Active Energy. Expenditure data. Actiwatch technology assures long-term calibration stability and high device-to device correlation.
A titanium backplate and hard plastic case ensure years of reliable service. Energy expenditure and activity data can be displayed as graphics or statistics and are in ASCII format.


• Waterproof
• Multidirectional Accelerometer
• Built-in Event Marker
• Secure - Non-volatile Memory
• 32 MB memory (updated)
• 32 Hz Sampling Rate
• Battery life 194 day - user replaceable CR2025
• Proven Rugged and Reliable
• Accurate & Validated
• Epoch lenghts: 1,2,5,15,30, 60 sec or raw data sampled at 32 hertz
• Batch data processing
• 63% smaller than leading competitor- easy to wear and conceal
• Worn on hip, wrist or ankle


• Obesity
• Nutrition
• Sports Medicine
• Sports Exercise
• Assess Sedentary Behavior
• Evaluate Interventions
• Dose-Response Relationships
• Metabolic Disorders

Actical's multidirectional, piezoelectric accelerometer is sensitive to 0.05g. The degree and intensity of motion acting upon the sensor produces a variable voltage output signal which determines the number of Activity Counts reported. This "Digital Integration" process is recognized for accurately reporting both intensity and range of motion. Actical's sensor reports movement in all planes, rather than just an "up/down" direction as reported by pedometers and even some other activity monitors that use other types of accelerometers.


imageCollected data can be evaluated minute by minute or per activity bout, day or week, or for the total study period. Multiday Actograms, Actogram Zoom, and statistical presentation of Activity Count data. ASCII format data files can be opened directly in spread-sheet, database, and other analysis programs. Analyze multiple data sets with batch processing option.

Example of Actical results


Actical provide calculated energy expenditure values for Active Energy Expenditure (AEE) in Kilocalories and total energy expenditure in Metabolic Equivalents per Time (METs) in kilocalories/min/kg. Software reports value and average value per minute of activity count, energy expenditure and duration at each intensity level( sedentary, light, moderate and vigorous) every minute, hour, day and for total recording period. Choose between single or double regression model for energy expenditure calculation.

Actical Specifications

Parameter Value
Accelerometer Type: Multidirectional, piezoelectric accelerometer withdigital integration
Sensitivity Range: 0.05 to 2 G
Bandwidth: 0.35 to 3.5 Hz
Sampling Rate: 32 Hz
Size and Weight: 28 x 27 x 10 mm / 17 g
Moisture Protection: Water tight – 1 meter for 30 minutes
Frame & Back Cover Titanium
Battery Type and life: User replaceable CR2025 lithium coin cell, 194 day lifeexcept in raw mode
Sensor Placement: Waist, wrist or ankle

Recording Time

  Samples per day Recording TimeActivity (days) Recording TimeActivity + steps (days)
1 sec 86.400 266 194
2 sec 43.200 266 219
5 sec 17.280 266 215
15 sec 8.640 266 215
30 sec 2.880 293 237
60 sec 1440 301 242
Raw 2.764.800 N/A 12

Ordering Information:

Description P.N.
Actical Physical Activity Monitor 1081737
Actireader - Interface Reader and cable 1063543
Actical Activity & Energy Expenditure analysis software 1081738
Actical waist band small- fits 22-38 inch waist 199-0031-00
Actical waist band large- fits 30-54 inch waist 199-0032-00
Velcro wrist/ankle bands 198-0017-00
USB to serial adapter 040-0004-00

Communication Interface 9-pin RS232 serial port or USB to 9-pin serial port adapter

Actical testing unit:
Verify your Acticals before your recording session.
Actical Bibliography.
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